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The Escaflowne Castle

Welcome my site! I'm glad you decided to visit. This site is dedicated to the Vision of Escaflowne the anime! This layout features one of my all time favorite character, Merle or Meru! I love cat girls! Anyways, I loved my last layout featuring Falcon, but I thought it was time for a change! ^.^ The last layout was made by me but this one is by Umi Kuni Layouts! It's very kawaii, don't ya think? If you want to see more layout like this visit her site! The link is at the bottom.


8-27 Yet again, I have neglected this site. If worse goes to worse, I might have to shut it down... T.T. Cleanup mainly in the links. Getting rid of dead or fixing broken links. I also made the gallery so it's one big happy family.
03-18 New Affiliate yay! Plus I'm working on the gallery...

10-16 New layout! Plus I fixed the gallery so that it doesn't take soooo long to load. But the group gallery isn't quite done yet. >.<
Umi Kuni Layouts
This layout was made for me by Umi Kuni Layouts.